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Fidelity Homestead Associates offers our Network Contractors opportunities to provide repairs and inspections to our clients. Our clients are homeowners who are approved for a mortgage, but need repairs on their home in order to be FHA compliant. They choose our service for our expertise in the mortgage and home improvement/repair fields. Our staff has the knowledge to comply with underwriter and appraiser requested repairs for FHA Loans.   

As a member of our network, your company must be licensed & insured in your jurisdiction, if required. We also require that all estimates are provided free of charge. We do not charge fees to our Network Contractors. Our goal is to provide you with opportunities to obtain projects though our referral contacts. We do not sell leads. We manage the process. All bids and estimates come to Fidelity Homestead Associates. We pay you directly for your services if you are awarded contract. You do not have to handle anything with our clients other than to complete repairs and/or inspections as agreed. 

How It Works

  1. Members of our Lender Network send requests to Fidelity Homestead Associates for estimates regarding repairs and/or inspections.

  2. Fidelity selects a member of the Contractor Network and requests a free estimate of the work required.  We expect to receive your bid within 2 to 3 days of assignment.

  3. Once the estimate is completed, the Network Contractor agrees to only submit that estimate to Fidelity Homestead Associates.

  4. Once authorization is received from our client, we contact you to make arrangements to begin the repairs and/or inspections and discuss payment terms.

  5. Once again, the selected Contractor(s) are paid directly by Fidelity Homestead Associates.

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Subcontractors for Members of Our Contractor Network

Members of our Contractor Network may receive an assignment that requires some work outside of their field of expertise. 

If you are a part of our Contractor Network and require the use of a subcontractor, please click the link below and send us a request.